Future Drops New Single “What It Do”

 Future  - What It DO
Future – What It DO
  • SONG NAME – What It Do
  • ARTIST NAME – Future
  • RECORD LABEL‎: ‎A1‎, ‎Freebandz‎, ‎Epic

Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn Popularly know by his stage name Future, has during with a brand new single he titled What It DO. The father of five quickly bag on a very popular meme, to give us this hit single. A short video cliq surface early June during the NBA Final where Kawhi Leonard a former Toronto Raptor player was seen saying “What it dooo, babbyyy?”. because of the nature of the video. the video of the NBA Player became a MEME hit instantly.

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So American rapper wasted no time on capitalizing on it to give a banger hit where it rename the titled after the the NBA player comment in the video. The simple piano and hollow drums instrumental gave the rapper Future more power to flow and vibe with heavy love punchline.

In this song, Future talks on how his girl allow him to live his life undisturbed and his girl is not bother about his pleasure-seeking, pleasure-loving, sybaritic lifestyle as long as he future meet ups with her needs, get gifts from the rapper and his mottled, speckled, speckly, flecked, specked, stippled attention.

Quotable Lyrics

Real talk, I’m fuckin’ with you and you know it
Ain’t just talkin’ with you, baby, I’m a poet
Ayy, I just throwed a couple G’s on your feet
I just throwed a couple G’s on your feet
I’m just ballin’ just to show you we can ball
Ayy, why you callin’? Girl, you know that I’m a dawg
Play your position, can’t be playin’ niggas cheap
Niggas like me would put sand sheets on your seat
We be fuckin’ in the AM, I’ma hit you past 3
Ayy, that’s the same way that I fell for you
I used to come through, roll some L’s with you
We shared a bond and the bid was long overdue
That’s why we was in here drinkin’ Hennessy
We tryna get out all our memories (You remember that?)
Ain’t none of your ex’s my enemy
They damn sure ain’t no friend of me (No)
What got me to this point?
I’m really fuckin’ with you, spendin’ cash on that ass
Got to layin’ up with you, pulled off when I smashed
You let me have my way, I got this good girl goin’ bad
I ain’t treat you like trash, what I’m really tryna ask
What it do, baby?