Wiz Khalifa – No Rush

Wiz Khalifa - No Rush
Wiz Khalifa – No Rush
  • SONG NAME – No Rush
  • ARTIST NAME – Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa – No Rush

Whatever weed wiz khalifa had smoked that gave him the ideology to be drooping new single everyday, we pray he shouldn’t get sober anytime soon. For the past few days now the rapper has been dropping new singles every blessed day, may the heavy weed rapper smoker believes his fans are lacking behind on what he got cooking for them, so he wants to make them feel the heat.

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Just as the titled of the song implies, wiz took his time on this tack to dish out some advise, letting people know not worry especially about thing the can’t control. guess nobody saw such track coming wiz khalifa whi is a heavy weed smoke, but you never can tell. listen to the song and let us know what you feel.

Quotable Lyrics:

Imma roll up the dope
Imma fill y’all with hope
Not a rapper or a singer
I’m the leader of the board