Wiz Khalifa – Presidential Smoke

Wiz Khalifa – Presidential Smoke
  • SONG NAME – Presidential Weed
  • ARTIST NAME – WIz Khalifa
  • PRODUCER – DJ Fresh

as a Wiz Khalifa fan, it’s been good weeks for you. The rapper has been dropping new songs every day for the past few weeks now. we can’t tell why the rapper has decided to be on music spray this past weeks, but what ever the reaason maybe we don’t pray it stops anytime soon.

The rapper who is also known to be a heavy weed smoker has come through with another single he titled Presidential Smoke earlier today. Wiz khalifa new single will definitely be the smoker’s anthem till this years runs out. definitly this will be dope jam since the motivation of this track is not far from the rapper life. 

with all this daily release of wiz khalifa we don’t know if he is cooking something for us. but we the fans should just cross our fingers and relax who knows the rapper may just surprise us with an E.P or Mixtape or Album.

Quotable Lyrics
The cheddar breed better weed
McQueen instead of Hennessy 
And bad bitches in my bed
Eatin’ where they do the dishes at
That’s called the mafia table, how these other n***as livin’?
And thug now, but they was trippin’
As long as my ’64 tippin’ and I keep kush bud trimmin’